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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting blog. . .

Hello everyone! This is the Domestic Mommy Blog.  This blog will be about my daily life views, baby product reviews, question and answer, healthy recipes, quick meal ideas, recipe reviews, how to deal Q&A, beauty/spa review, tutorials, and much more! I will also include pictures of everything and a lot of details. I hope to be able to give people knowledge and gain knowledge with this blog. I am a mommy of course my name is Deanna I have a daughter and soon I will have a baby boy. This blog will be very forward, open minded, and hopefully make you laugh. Then again isn't that how life is? I don't expect everyone to agree with me on things here and thats why you will be able to comment so I can have your experience and knowledge and pass it on. I will have a featured Mommy of the Month to share their life view as a mommy or even soon to be mommy. I will be posting daily here so keep me in your favorites, bookmarks, or whatever you do! I hope you guys enjoy this blog as I enjoy starting it and working on it.


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