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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Yesterday

Hope in a jar. If this really was hope in a jar like real hope I would have used it by now. I went to my 38 week appointment yesterday to find out I haven't progressed since the last week. She struggled to get to my cervix  which by the way was the worst pain and very uncomfortable. So an induction has to be done sometime next week between Tuesday and Friday. So baby will be a planned hospital birth.
I have my two wonderful cousins coming in from Arizona to help me out since I have a 4 year old as well so atleast they will be here and they keep me entertained! I haven't seen them in the longest time!

I also went to see Kung Fu Panda with my daughter yesterday. I have to say I liked the first one better but the  mass amount of cartoon panda babies made me happy. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. They had a full menu and tables to enjoy your food. So what did me and the little one order? Popcorn, chips and queso, molten chocolate lava cake with strawberries and vanilla ice-cream, and sodas. It was worth the money spent and she had a great time. I wanted to take her out before the baby came and give her some full on mommy attention.

Tonights plan for dinner got a little bit disorganized so its steamed whole fish stuffed with green onions and ginger with white rice and asian veggies. I will put up a recipe and pictures tonight so you guys can give it a try if you would like. If you do please let me know how you liked it. It's really simple, healthy, and enjoyable. Well that is the update for now. I will be posting a review today as well as that recipe I promised so look out for those today and please comment!


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