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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strength Exercises for baby!

My son is 2 months and 24 days!
I do exercises with him daily to gain his head strength. 
He can already stand with help his legs are so strong! 
Here are the head exercises!

I always use a pillow as a prop. It does help them a little bit more. They don't have to strain as much but still get the same amount of support as without the pillow.

The gas hold. Famous for helping gas and colic and also famous for head strength. 

Letting them lay stomach down with their head after the knee. You can do this and support the head at the same time with your hands until they can fully hold well. 

Holding them on your legs and holding their chest while leaning them a bit forward.

You can do this step before the previous one. To cold the chest and back to head. This one helps for a baby with mild head strength.

I carry my son around like this all around the house. It helps his head strength a whole lot. Plus they get a full view of what we see as well.

That is all I leave you with this cute picture of my son.
Head strength takes time and tummy time helps a lot. Sadly my son hates tummy time so I found that all these ways worked better for me and now he can hold his head on his own.

I hope this helps the tummy time trauma.


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