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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing in Action

I know I haven't blogged in wayyyyy over a month. I've been pretty busy due to having two kids and both being sick on and off for a little while. Also some personal issues have kept me away. But no fear I am back and I will blog more often I PROMISE. Yes that is my son the chunky monkey. I know I had some religous followers to this blog and since I stopped blogging they went. Now I hope to regain my followers. Let's start on a good note!

My daughter "Mastered" everything in her class which is amazing and I am so proud.
My son is growing and growing and just amazing.

I will be posting a Crock Pot Beef Stew Recipe soon!
I will be doing a book review!
Smoothie Recipes!
Baby Shampoo and Lotion review!
Anything anyone else is interested in!

This won't be the last you hear from me everyone!!!!


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