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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What is Influenster? Let me tell you!

Infuenster is a Exclusive Community of Trendsetters using their Influence to Qualify for Complimentary Product Shipments, Rewards and Deals fit for their Lifestyles. Members love Testing the Latest Products, Offering Insightful Feedback and Spreading the Word on Products they Rate Positively!

I took that from their facebook fan page.
I really do love what Influenster is doing. They are giving the opportunity for Trendsetters to review amazing products!

I was recommended Influenster by a great mom that I know named Reina. I was hesitant at first then I did the greatest thing by signing up.
Within weeks I recieved my first every VoxBox stuffed with goodies for me to review for my blog, YouTube, Facebook fan page, and my twitter.

The next LoveVoxBox that is Valentine themed (oh la la) will go out in early February. Influenster’s research team will go through all pending badges before the recipient list is finalized in the second half of January! Influenster will have one or two themed voxboxes going out every month in 2012.

I am already pondering what is in that box and if I qualify for it!

It does take time for them to approve badges as there are TONS of Trendsetters they have to review. I bet they drink a lot of coffee. I would.

You must remain active to recieve a VoxBox and it is required to do the post-experience survey once it is open to keep your membership with Influenster.

Sign up (it's free), Unlock badges that fit your lifestyle, Qualify for products, Review products, Share your experience, and get great deals on products you love!

Follow them on Social Media:

also sign up for free on their website:

Remember this is not a freebie site you do have to review each product, share and recommend Influenster and the products you recieve, share on social networks, keep active, and do the required post-experience survey.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Influenster by this post. I just love Influenster and what they do so why not show support?


  1. OH OH! im that Reina :) yay im in someones blog! I mentioned you in my nail reveiw but didnt say your name. My SIL and Mom are gunna sign up too, i think i will send them this since you explained it so well.

    I hope we qualify for lots more amazing boxes cuz i love doing videos & reviews!

    i didnt know they had pinterest! just followed them

  2. I signed up in December but have little hope I'll ever be chosen because I only have my blog. One thing I don't like about their website is the lack of information. I wish I knew *something* about the status of my blog consideration. I had a problem the first time I signed up and they never answered any emails for help. People love Influenster so it's working for someone, but I've just found it very frustrating so far. :(