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Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Mommy Of The Month

Is me?
I didn't expect so many of you to nominate me!!! I shed a tear and realized how wonderful all of you are. As promised here is my mommy story!
I am a mommy of two wonderful and beautiful kids. Lina is 5 years old and starting Kindergarten she's my star and Raizo is a little over 2 months old and is attached to me like velcro (I don't mind I am very attached as well).

Here is my baby girl she loves to swim!
This is little Raizo. He keeps me on my feet at all times!

I had quick labors with both 3 hours for my daughter and 38 minutes for my son!

I love to cook, sing, travel, go to the beach, and listen to music.

I am starting my own business which I will share with all of you soon and I hope you all love it! I am working really hard and trying to perfect every detail.

I write a blog to give and gain knowledge to all mommies and mommies-to-be I love sharing my input and learning new things. 

I hope one day to go to Hawaii and Paris (Sigh*).

I love being a mom and it completes me I wake up knowing that these two little ones depend on me and that I am here for them 24/7.

I am allergic to all lipstick which is very depressing.

My favorite restaurants are Straits (in California) and Olive Garden (all I can say is soup, salad, and breadsticks).

I hope that you learned a few things about me here and I hope I can get to know all of my loyal readers!

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