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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Surprise!!!! Ready?

Well my faithful and amazing followers and fans!

My surprise well I actually have two of them!

First-I am starting my own business from home!
Here is what I will be hand making and selling!

I am working extra hard on the full details on pricing and shipping for anyone interested. I can custom make. More details about this will be coming as soon as everything is final.


I am writing a children's book that will be getting published!!!!!!
I have been working even harder on this one! 

I just want to be able to show my kids that if you push yourself anything can happen!

So what do you think about my surprises? 


P.S- If it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't have pushed myself 10x harder on my blog, my business, or my children's book.
So pat yourselves all on the back and hug your beautiful LO's for me!


  1. It is something I can buy! And Xmas is coming up! Can't wait for the book!

  2. Great job, Deanna! When can we buy the book?


  3. I am one of the June 2011 mommies. Love the bracelets! Congrats on the book, how exciting!