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Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Gain Breastmilk

Hello Ladies!
Breastfeeding can be challenging but rewarding I am happy to tell you how to gain breastmilk naturally and easily with no complications.

1. Drink water. Drinking water doesn't only gain breastmilk it increases your hydration which is key on you being healthy enough to breastfeed. So remember 13 8oz glasses of water a day at the minimum for us breastfeeding mommies.

2. Oatmeal. Eating oatmeal once a day keeps your supply up because of everything that is good for you in the oatmeal. Add fresh fruit to get even more out of it!

3. Relax. Relax when breastfeeding or pumping listen to soothing music and close your eyes.

4. Breastfeed or Pump more frequently. Pump every 1.5-2 hours or in between feedings. Each day your ounces will increase.

5. Fenugreek. 1-2 days you will see an increase of breast milk by about 80%. Don't exceed 12 capsules a day.

6. Breast Compressions. When your breastfeeding hold your breast with thumb on top and other fingers on bottom and squeeze. Do this when you see that your baby is only sucking but not drinking or swallowing milk.

7. Use one breast per feeding. Allowing the breast to drain helps it accumulate more milk each feeding. If you aren't able to drain one breast due to your baby sleeping go ahead and pump the rest out for later use.

8. Pumping. Pump after every feeding for 10-20 minutes even though you don't see milk coming out sometimes it helps massage the nipple to stimulate saying "more milk more milk".

9. Eat.  Breastfeeding mothers need an additional 500-800 calories a day. For twins get about 700-900 calories more. So roughly 1700-2200 calories for
mommies. Are you eating that many calories?

10. Try not to drink Alcohol. Alcohol can deplete supply. People say beer gains breast milk and its true for SOME mothers but not all.

11. The No pacifier. I have expressed on the boards a few times my DISLIKE of pacifers. There is a reason behind this. Pacifiers can cause nipple confusion early in the early weeks but it also can reduce the amount of time your baby is at your breast which can cause your supply to drop.

12. Nipple Shields. When they are needed please use them. But when not needed please avoid using them they reduce the stimulation of your nipple and can interfere with the supply-demand cycle.

13. Do NOT STOP! Do not stop a feeding let them finish.

14. Purchase a Nuk. A Nuk cool and warm pack that is! I use this before breastfeeding and before pumping. I NEVER USE IT TO COOL THE BREASTS (cooling can deplete your supply). This is what it looks like.

 There is a link in the post to purchase from Amazon if needed at the bottom of this post. Target sells them for $12.99. I found it for you guys on Amazon for $6.99. When your babys is done breasfeeding after a year or more you can use this as an icepack or warm pack for bruises, headaches, and anything else!

Did you know when you have a headache if you put a cool pack on your head the headache goes away 75% faster?

How about drinking cold water and not warm burns 30 more calories!!!!!

Good Luck breastfeeding mommies!

Don't give up!


*I purchased the Nuk Cool and Warm Pack with my own money*

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  1. I learned the nipple shield was depleting my supply and I have worked with Addison to where her latch is finally good.