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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Mommy of the Month

The mommy of the month for July is Tara a.k.a Tara4862.
You girls nominated her and she grabbed July!

Here is what she wrote:
The lowdown:
I'm Tara, married to Randy and mother of three boys, Blake (10), Keegan (7), Phoenix (3) and my long awaited little girl Isla (eye-la) who is 5 weeks old.

I must say that I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be married to my husband. He is everything I could dream of and more! My prince charming came into my life over 7 years ago. He is amazing to me and our children and I am the happiest I've ever been!

A day in my life can be pretty hectic! Not only do I have our four children, we have also opened our home up to watch two more kids as well! So add eight year old boy Michael to the mix and 13 week old Charlee :-)

About me:
I'm a simple woman. I'm into living a more healthful, natural lifestyle that includes chemical free cleaners, essential oils, energy efficient and recycling. I have a green thumb and enjoy plants and gardening. My family likes to go to the zoo and spent time outdoors. Overall, life is great and I could not ask for more! I'm so glad I have my family, at the end of the day, they are all that matter :-)

Here are some pictures of her adorable kids!

Congratulation's Tara!



  1. Oh Tara, my Alex would love Keegan's costume;) cute pic of you and your hubby. (Does Tara have a blogspot?)

  2. Awesome post. Tara your family is beautiful :) Isla looks so sweet.