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Friday, July 8, 2011

Top Mommy Apps for iPhone or iPod

I love my iPhone and I have a ton of apps on here that really help me out.
babynavarrofeb2011 requested apps for new moms or cool apps in general here are my top 10.

#1. What to Expect (Baby)- Free
(getting most out of baby's first year)
#2. Baby's First App- $0.99
(learning letters, numbers, animals, shapes, colors, and objects)
#3. Baby 411 by Dr. Ari Brown- Free
(breaking news on medicine recalls, the latest research on baby's growth and development and more)
#4. Pandora- Free
(stations I recommend: nature, lullabye radio, soundscapes & lullabies)
#5. GasBuddy- Free
(finds cheap gas in your area)
#6. Flashlight (iPhone 4 only)- Free
(great to use at night)
#7. AllRecipes- Free
(tons of recipes for any occasion)
#8. Heart Fitness (iPhone 4 only)- Free
(really charts your heart rate)
#9. Sleep Maker All in One- Free
(great soundscapes to relax with)
#10. Photoshop Express- Free
(edit those iPhone pictures of your baby!)

Can you tell I love my free apps?


Feel free to comment below and tell me your favorite apps!

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