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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Minestrone Soup

I love minestrone soup. I created a quick and easy way that you can make this in no time!

You will need:
1 can of pasta sauce (your choice)
1 can of green beans
4 potatoes (I used red potatoes)
2 cans of kidney beans
3 cups of pasta (your choice)
1 onion chopped

Yup! That's all the ingredients easy right? We usually have all of these at home already!

Get a large pot and add the can of pasta sauce.
Put water in to the empty can and add to the pot.
Cut potatoes into bite size pieces and put in the pot.
Add pasta about 10 minutes after.
Put in green beans, onions, and kidney beans.
Simmer until pasta and potatoes are cooked.
Then enjoy!

I told you it was quick and easy. Oh and very healthy as well.


1 comment:

  1. Deanna, What kind of pasta sauce do you use?
    Thanks, Katie