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Monday, July 11, 2011

Preventing SIDS

Mamaofallboys requested a blog on ways to prevent SIDS.

There is no for sure way to prevent SIDS keep that in mind but there are ways to REDUCE the risk.

1. Put your baby to sleep on his/her back.
This is the most important thing you can actually do to prevent SIDS. Side sleeping isn't safe either even though most people think it is safe babys can easily end up on their stomachs.

2. Stuffed animals and pillows in crib.
Avoid anything in the crib except for a firm mattress and sheet. This will make sure nothing gets into babys face.

3. Don't allow smoking around your baby.
This can greatly reduce SIDS the second hand smoke is very bad for baby. If someone NEEDS to smoke tell them to do so outside.

4. Crib bumpers.
Bumpers aren't a need. The slates on the crib are far enough that baby's head will not go through and if your baby's face goes onto the bumper there is a chance for suffocation.

5. Blankets and Swaddles.
Do not blanket your baby in bed. Choose clothing that is warmer for them if they are cold to the skin. If you need to blanket baby tuck blanket under armpit to secure that babys face will not get covered. If you need to swaddle do so with a light blanket or recieving blanket due to the hot weather in most places this is very important.

6. Air.
Keep air circulating with a ceiling fan in the room or window open if cool outside.

7. Exposure.
Make sure anyone that holds your baby washes their hands first.

These are tips I have heard from my doctor and my kids doctor.


Hope this helps!

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