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Monday, June 6, 2011

Healthy Crab Dinner

I don't know about you guys but I love seafood especially CRAB! I went to my local asian market to find these babies for $1.99lb.
With my twin cousins at my side they chose the feistiest crabs in the pack to cook for dinner. The outcome is the first picture a big bowl full of 8lbs of blue crab.
Here are a few that were just done being cleaned and fighting with eachother. Cooking crab isn't for the faint of heart you do have to cook them live they are better that way! During the drive home we all realized we didn't have a brush to clean these little fighters. So I went to the Dollar Tree to get a pot and pan brush so we can clean them well. My cousins cracked me up a couple of the crabs got loose and ran on the counter and were attacking the brush. Anyways here is how you cook them!
I chose to steam the crabs instead of boiling the crabs I really didn't want a soaked crab for dinner that's not yummy! I steamed them in a 2 tier steamer. With the water on the bottom I added a ton of black pepper, half an onion (chopped), garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. I steamed them for 35 minutes. My cousin held on to the top of the steamer because the crabs were moving (like I said cooking them isn't for the faint of heart). We laid out a ton of news papers and warmed up some butter!
There is one of the crabs I ate! Looks like he is trying to make himself tastier by going to the butter!
I hope you guys enjoy this and try it for a yummy summer treat!


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  1. i do love this one..i might try this haha even though my bfs mom usually cooks crab for us!