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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Post-Partum Plan

39 weeks 206lbs
1 week 3 days postpartum 170lbs

So here is the post everyone has been waiting for! From my 39 week appointment to 1 week 3 days postpartum I have lost a total of 36lbs in total.

What have I been doing? What is my secret?
First of all I am not using diet teas, diet pills, diet drinks, belly bandits, belly wraps, or anything in that form.

What am I doing you ask?

I have been eating 3 full meals a day and 3 snacks in between. I am also breastfeeding exclusively.

Here is a sample day of what I eat:

2 egg white omlet with onions, green peppers, and ham.
1 slice of whole wheat bread toasted.
1 glass of orange juice (or any juice that doesn't have added sugar)
1 piece of fruit

Loaded sandwich meaning (2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 kinds of meat 2 slices of each, my favorite veggies, oil, vinigar, salt, and pepper).
1 piece of fruit.
1 cup of decaf lipton tea (iced or hot)
One treat of choice (cookie, piece of candy sugar free, or anything in that form)

Steamed fish (size of deck of cards)
1 cup of brown rice (its better then white rice)
2 cups of assorted veggies
Tall glass of ice water

1 cup of ice cream!

Snacks through out the day consist of fresh fruit, veggies with nonfat dip, hummus, small cup of soup, baked potato, non salted tortilla chips with fresh or store bought salsa, and things like that!

What I am not putting in my body: Sodas, chips, extra salt (everything I have is low sodium), fast food, canola oils and vegetable oils, regular pasta, white rice, and candy.

I will only be eating whole grain pastas, brown rice, and wheat bread. Plus only cooking with olive oil.

Still hungry?
Feel free to eat as much fruit and veggies! Small sandwiches,fruit smoothies, crackers with real cheese (not the boxed stuff!), or yogurt!

Don't starve yourself and drink plenty of water.
Sleep when your baby sleeps.
Treat yourself do your eyebrows, home facial, hot shower, do your toe nails, just make yourself pretty. Do it for yourself.
Walk atleast 15-30 minutes a day. Even if its walking around your house it is still movement!

Would you guys like a full week daily meal plan? More meal ideas? Snack ideas? Please let me know either in the comments, email, or the board!



  1. Love this post! :)

    I always love to get meal and snack ideas!So it would be cool to see some more of those!

    I definitely want to try this! And once I get the okay to work out I'm planning on starting an exercise plan that I will hopefully post on my blog. Ready to get my old body back!

  2. Once I am able to work out my plan will be here as well! I want a better body then I had pre pregnancy! My goal is 135lbs! I'm glad you like the posts and I will post meal and snack ideas. I already have a couple meals posted here so enjoy!

  3. Great post!! I just delivered on Thursday and so ready to lose all this baby weight!!

  4. So how is your weight loss going? I haven't posted much but I follow your blog and you have been very helpful.