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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

McDonald's Experience.

No picture for this blog sad to say as this happened before my blog started. I do wish I had a picture to remember this hilarious and irritating event. I went to McDonald's in Sugarland, Texas. I ordered a #1 so a BigMac meal. My food came and to my surprise low and behold there's no meat on my BigMac. I didn't realize that McDonalds was trying to make me a vegetarian (nothing against vegetarians here). So no meat that means I got a compact box with 3 slices of bread and a ton of lettuce. Being in Texas I thought this place was about the MEAT. I was wrong. I brought it back and got a replacement. This time meat was included. I had to share this encounter with everyone here. Anyone experience a fast food fails recently? Oh and their bathroom GOODNESS has latex gloves all over the floor. What in the world they don't even clean with latex gloves where did they come from? To top it off the supervisor and all his associates were on their phones texting away. McDonald's you need to step your game up and really just work on this place. I will be calling the store manager to complain because it was just ridiculous.

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