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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raizo's Birth Story

Raizo PiangBo Brown
7lbs 12oz
Born June 7, 2011

This birth story is a extremely exciting one! I went to my doctors appointment at 2:45pm June 7th  I was exactly 39 weeks and was still not progressed from the last week visit and my cervix was still posterior so my doctor said okay induction it is on Friday. I ran errands bought some Sonic ice with my cousins then took a nap when I got home. I woke up with mild cramps. I called my doctor and she said if they got more intense within the hour to go in to the hospital. So I took a warm bath and all the sudden the pain got horrible I couldn't even move. I thought maybe I was constipated since I havent had a bowel movement in over 3 days. So I sat on the toilet and it got even worse. I called 911 because I couldn't even walk anymore I was laying in bed in so much pain. The ambulance got here within 5 minutes and took me on the drive to the hospital. I learned I had a new EMT in the ambulance and this was her first run ever. (Poor girl). All the sudden my water broke a few minutes into the drive. Then I had the urge to push and I was still in the ambulance the EMT was in a panic telling the driver to drive faster before I had the baby in the ambulance! I started to panic and then I pushed because my body couldn't wait any longer. His head came out and they stared taking me out of the ambulance and little Raizo was delivered in the hallway of the hospital on a stretcher with the ER doctor grabbing him before he hit the stretcher. She said she caught him like a football. My labor was only 38 minutes long. 38 MINUTES! I wonder if that is a record setter? Either way he got taken away and sent to the nursery to get checked out while my placenta was labored out. I wanted a natural birth and damnit I sure got what I wanted. I am a very happy mommy and I am very sorry this birth story is late! I have had a busy time so please forgive me! Here are some more pictures of Raizo!
Raizo and Lina
1 day old!
Smiling after being fed!


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