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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playtime With A Newborn

While my little bundle of joy takes a nap I will blog for you! Yesterday I asked the board what some ideas are for the blog. AndeeT and gimmeahint requested how to play with a newborn. Keep in mind newborns don't play they learn. Some ways to "play" with a newborn are simply talking in a soothing voice and singing. My daughter when she was a newborn and my son right now get a kick out of this little song. I learned from my aunt!

Open their palm and sing "Round and Round the garden goes baby's name, one step, two step, tickle you!"
Here is the step by step!(Thanks to my daughter for being in the picture):
'Round and round the garden goes baby's name"
Move your finger around their palm while singing.

When you do the one step and two step in the song you crawl up their arm as shown in the picture.

This helps them learn touch and the "grasp" reflex.

Another way is play mats!
I have this mat the Baby Einstein Around the World play gym.
$59.99 AT Babies R Us.
12 Activities
7 Toys
9 World Melodies
 I purchased this reason being is there are real life pictures of animals, you can take it anywhere so its portable, there is volume control, baby motion activated, huge mirror for baby to look at himself, machine washable, and all the toys attach to a loop so they aren't getting lost around the house. Plus it grows with your baby!

Babies love black and white patterns, shadows, and board books. You know when your baby is overstimulated when they start to fuss.

SoDorable requested which book to read to her LO. Honestly your voice is enough for them but if you want to bring in a book bring one with a lot of colors.

Remember this newborns can't see distances past 8-14 inches until about 3 months. At 3 months they can see faces and stare at objects.
At 4 months they can detect a foot away. At 6 months they can distinguish objects. Then around 2 most have 20/60 vision.


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  1. How I play is singing and talking to Addison. She hates laying on her play mat, that's actually how I wake her during the day, I lay her on it.