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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nursing Pads Review

I don't know about you but I have to use nursing pads while breast feeding. I bought a variety of different brands. So I might as well review them for you so you don't waste your money!!!!!!!

#1- Lansinoh: (Not pictured I used up the whole box!) This is by far my most favorite brand!!!! More expensive of the 4 I am reviewing here. It is very absorbent and doesn't leave my breasts feeling clammy. It comes individually wrapped which is great for traveling so no dust gets on the pad! I can't find anything negative about this nursing pad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

#2- Avent: (Pictured on the far left)  This has worked well for me my only complaint is that sometimes it will stick to my nipples and having sore nipples are no fun when things stick to them. Also leaves them clammy sometimes. This has great absorbency but I do have to change this nursing pad more then the Lansinoh. RECOMMENDED.

#3- Johnsons: (Middle) This is my second favorite. It is absorbent doesn't leave my breast moist or clammy. It does stick a little to the breast if not leaking but not as bad as the Avent. Best thing about this pad it is so soft like feathers! DEFINITLY RECOMMENDED.

#4- Nuk: (Pictured far right) This is the WORST nursing pad I have ever used in my breastfeeding life! Holy Moly these were not absorbent, they are uncomfortable, they don't form to the breast, and leaking the rounds are not sealed so when you leak you leak through your bra and clothes it is the worst thing ever! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS NURSING PAD TO ANYONE!

Hope I helped some of you with your nursing pad journey!


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